Island Life

2-marechale-003s1mlOn the Atlantic seaboard contemporary duplexes blend in with the dune landscape. From your upper deck you look across the rolling surf & ocean into Table Bay (and no road between you and the ocean) Below, sheltered from sea breezes, the privacy of your outdoor living area. The seafront homes are unique, desirable and quite irreplaceable but wherever you live on the Island the sea is almost on your doorstep with a choice of simplexes (i.e. no stairs ideal for the seniors).

george01On Woodbridge Island the dunes have been preserved and allowed to form their natural contours. Ecology has played an important role.

On the lagoon side an attractive asymmetrical blend of simplex and duplex homes. Your landscaped garden fronts the water’s edge. A jetty steps out into the lagoon. Your interior is designed for Island life. A year long holiday. From the windows a tall line of palms grace the sky. The Island stretches out before you.

Try to imagine a more secure environment with 24 hour security, gated entrance & patrolling guards Fact: Woodbridge Island enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the country. The island is surrounded by lagoon, ocean, 18 hole golf course with patrolling guards – and that’s not all your very own lighthouse to add that extra touch of class.

Linked to the land by a modern road bridge. Security gates at the entrance. All visitors are announced by phone to your home before admittance. All there to preserve the tranquillity of your perfect Island life!


lagoon2So far, and yet so near. Across the bridge, another world awaits. Cape Town City Centre just eight kilometres away. Schools and transport minutes away. And if you don’t feel the need to venture on-shore, the Island will look after you. Surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, Milnerton Lagoon, 18 Hole Milnerton Golf Course, Bowling Club, 4 Restaurants, and Shop, Surf Club, Milnerton Canoe Club, and only a short drive to Shopping Malls such as Century City and the famous V&A Waterfront. After all, who needs civilisation?