Places Of Interest

  • Oct 09 2019

    Milnerton Racecourse Nature Reserve

    The Milnerton Racecourse Nature Reserve is a lowland conservation area located within the old Milnerton Racecourse. It forms part of the greater Table Bay Nature Reserve, proclaimed in June 2012. Historically this now remnant natural veld would have been connected to the Rietvlei wetland complex.

  • milnerton flea market

    Sep 10 2019

    Milnerton Flea Market

    Milnerton Flea Market at its inception, some 20 years ago, was held under the palm trees on the banks of the Milnerton Lagoon. It is now one of the city’s largest, oldest and most iconic informal fairs. A famous landmark for bargain hunters, Milnerton Flea Market is situated on Paarden Eiland’s Marine Drive (R27) opposite…

  • blouberg International School

    Jul 26 2019

    Mandela Day 2019 67 Minute Challenge

    Nelson Mandela Day is a day celebrated in honour of Nelson Mandela, internationally each year on Mandela’s birthday- July 18th. The day was declared by the United Nations 1o years ago, in November 2009, with the first official Mandela Day held on 18 July 2010. Traditionally one is encouraged to give 67 minutes acting on…

  • robben island

    Jun 21 2019

    Robben Island

    Robben Island rises some 30m above sea level in Table Bay. The windswept island surrounded by the deep Atlantic Ocean water that comes from the Benguela currents Antarctic water of the South lies some 7.2 kilometers off the beaches of Woodbridge Island, Sunset Beach, and Bloubergstrand. Robben Island (from the Dutch ‘seal island’) is actually…

  • May 16 2019

    Bothasig Fynbos Nature Reserve

    Bothasig Fynbos Nature Reserve is approximately 10 ha in extent, containing Critically Endangered Cape Flats Sand Fynbos, and contributes to reaching the national target for conservation this vegetation type. Visitors can enjoy walking responsibly with their dogs (on a leash and picking up dog waste), nature appreciation, viewing of Table Mountain, and picnicking. Bothasig Fynbos…

  • Feb 27 2019

    Milnerton Beach

    Woodbridge Island’s Beach, Milnerton Beach, borders the ocean side of Woodbridge Island. Offering postcard perfect views of Table Mountain for the ocean view homes. The water of Table Bay is from the Benguela current, so is generally cold.

  • Hermanus Wales Watching

    Feb 27 2019

    Hermanus – Lunch at Bientang’s Cave

    HERMANUS – “Bientang’s Cave” Can you google a similar story to the previous one ..i guess Hermanus is about 2 hrs drive away…(my nephew sent these pics for me.) HARBOUR.. 2 1/2 hrs drive away from Woodbridge Island with beautiful rock formation…where the fishing boats go out from KLEINMOND – The Stunnimg Coastal Route from…

  • Yzerfontein

    Jan 22 2019


    Yzerfontein – A lovely one hours drive get-a-way from Woodbridge Island, Milnerton for a Sunday Sea Food lunch, situated flush on the beautiful Sea front village with it’s uninterrupted beach walks, along the West Coast.

  • Hermanus - Whale Watching

    Nov 21 2018

    Bientang’s Cave

    Bientang, a Khoi Strandloper who lived there at the turn of the 19th Century, lived in harmony with nature and was self-sufficient in her Hermanus cave home. Legend has it that she possessed the ability to communicate with the whales who continue to visit the same spot every year. With an abundance of sea and…

  • Oct 17 2018

    Eat Out At Mikes Kitchen

    Mike’s Kitchen in Milnerton is one of the restaurants of the trusted “go-to” chain of the long running franchise with a family-friendly vibe and a classic, meaty South African menu. This is a fun filled family restaurant that caters for kiddies parties, corporate functions, business lunches and year end functions from its big menu of choice burgers, steaks,…

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