• Check your Credit Report

    Dec 12 2018

    Check your Credit Report

    Check your Credit Report before making big ticket credit purchasers and excessive festive season purchases to make sure that your credit limits are accurately reflected and that you’re in a good position to take on the additional expenses. With the inevitable increase in card swipes and spending over the holidays, the chances of fraud increase as…

  • Possession-And-Occupation

    May 28 2018

    Risky To Confuse Occupation and Possession

    Many home buyers are unaware of the legal difference between the terms ‘occupation’ and ‘possession’ of a property as used in sale agreements. Occupation is the date on which the purchaser physically moves into the property. If the purchaser takes occupation before transfer, he is usually required to pay occupational interest (similar to ‘rental’) to…

  • pets-health

    Jul 24 2017

    Pets Keep us Healthy & What They Can Do For Us In Our Daily Lives

    James Liddell writes: My two Siamese cats are the loves of my life, bringing beauty and song – they are very vocal! They absolutely rule my household. Every day they wait to greet me at the door when I arrive from work. I cannot imagine a world without animals. They were created to buffer our daily…

  • Jun 12 2017

    Overview on Consumer Protection Act (CPA) when a property is sold with tenants in occupation

    Once a property is sold with tenants in occupation, what are the rights that tenants have when either cancelling or enforcing the lease? Landlords have the right to sell their property at any time, however the tenants’ rights are to remain in place before any rights of the buyer; meaning that tenants can remain in…

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