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  • Seaside Living For A Healing Lifestyle

    Jun 21 2019

    Seaside Living For A Healing Lifestyle

    Seaside Living is known to encourage good health. And Woodbridge Island offers a healing lifestyle. Doctors have been known to prescribe trips to the seashore as a cure from as early as the 18th century. Studies show that there is a link between the ocean and health. Hippocrates is said to have coined the term…

  • Feb 27 2019

    Milnerton Beach

    Woodbridge Island’s Beach, Milnerton Beach, borders the ocean side of Woodbridge Island. Offering postcard perfect views of Table Mountain for the ocean view homes. The water of Table Bay is from the Benguela current, so is generally cold.

  • Woodbridge Island Koi Pond

    May 28 2018

    Woodbridge Island Koi Pond

    Have heard about the beautiful koi pond of Woodbridge Island? Koi ponds can bring much more to your landscape than just their aesthetic appeal. ​ Did you know that a koi pond can create a miniature ecosystem within your garden? Filling your pond with aquatic plants and Koi fish help keep mosquito larvae and parasite…

  • Dog friendly Woodbridge Island

    Mar 24 2018

    Pet Friendy Woodbridge Island

    Matters of contention in sectional tile schemes often arise around people, parking, and pets. With plenty of parking and a pet friendly policy, the gated community of Woodbridge Island circumvents much of this. A cross-national study involving Perth in Australia, and three US cities has lent weight to the observation that pets help build social…

  • Nov 23 2017

    Woodbridge Island Bridge

    The new bridge to Woodbridge Island lives up to the standards or the original wooden bridge. Built in 1984 the Woodbridge Island bridge was judged runner-up for the 1985 Fulton Award, given by the Concrete Society of Southern Africa for excellence in the use of concrete in the building and civil engineering structures. The R1,4…

  • Wooden Bridge Milnerton

    Oct 12 2017

    The Wooden Bridge

    The old Wooden Bridge spanning between Marine Drive and Woodbridge Island, crossing the Diep River estuary, is the only one of its kind in South Africa. Connecting Woodbridge Island to the Milnerton mainland it is a declared Provincial Heritage Site and was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 17 July 1987. The…

  • Greater Flamingo Woodbridge Island

    Jul 20 2017

    Greater Flamingos

    Greater Flamingos return to the wetlands in the inner city of Cape Town towards the end of the Cape winter, where they are often seen squaring off against each other, including in the  Milnerton Lagoon, Woodbridge Island. Cape Town is recognized globally for its extraordinarily rich, diverse and unique fauna and flora. Nowhere else in the…

  • Hot for House-Price Returns

    Jul 20 2017

    Hot for House-Price Returns

    Home buyers and property investors may want to check out Blouberg‚ Milnerton and Melkbos which are currently “hot” for house-price returns; as deeds data research shows, these Cape Town areas are showing good growth. John Loos‚ the FNB Bank household and property sector strategist‚ noted: “The evidence of mounting Cape Town affordability challenges continues to…

  • Zonnekus_Mansion

    Mar 11 2017

    Zonnekus Mansion

    Zonnekus Mansion is an estate of some 8000 square metres on the beach at Woodbridge Island‚ close to the mouth of the Milnerton lagoon‚ and is estimated to be worth R30- to R50-million. The stately residence commands endless views of Table Bay‚ was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and built in 1926 by Sir David…

  • Oct 06 2016

    Milnerton Sunsets

    One of the beautiful things to do in Woodbridge Island is to sit on the beach or walk along the lighthouse promenade while the sun sets over Table Bay.Follow through with a dinner or take-away from one of the local eateries.

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