milnerton flea market

Sep 10 2019

Milnerton Flea Market

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Milnerton Flea Market at its inception, some 20 years ago, was held under the palm trees on the banks of the Milnerton Lagoon. It is now one of the city’s largest, oldest and most iconic informal fairs.

A famous landmark for bargain hunters, Milnerton Flea Market is situated on Paarden Eiland’s Marine Drive (R27) opposite Metro Industrial Park, and a stone’s throw away from Lagoon Beach, Milnerton.

The child and animal-friendly market runs weekends and public holidays. The lively open-air trading stalls with broad walkways, suitable for prams and wheelchairs, are set on a tarmac surface, and the area surrounded by fences and entrance gates leading directly from the adjacent parking lots.

With virtually anything to buy or bargain over from a fish hook to an anchor, numerous make-shift trestle tables and open car boots stand laden with Gran’s old gravy boats, antique jugs and tea sets, light fittings and glass kitchenware, diving gear and wetsuits, old locks and copper door knockers, LP’s and single records of a time past, enough vehicle parts to rebuild a car, and so much more.

Opening Times: Saturdays 8am – 2pm, Sundays 8am – 3pm and public holidays 7:30am – 2pm (excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday)

Venue: Intersection Marine Drive (R27) and Milner Road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town

The Milnerton Flea Market is governed by the Milnerton Informal Traders Association (M.I.T.A.), a registered non-profit organization.

  • 15 Winton Crescent, Woodbridge Island

  • +27 (0)21 552 2489 or +27 (0)82 8920 760