Milnerton Police Station

Jul 06 2018

Milnerton Police Station

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Milnerton was policed initially by a mounted patrol (circa 1912). After the 2nd World War, the government bought two lots in Milnerton for the erection of a police station.

Milnerton Police SyationThe ‘new’ multi-faceted triple storey Milnerton police station we know know was completed in early 2011.
The police station consists of an office block, community service centre and a cell block.

The Milnerton police station stood empty and half-built for some three years. The initial building contractor is said to have absconded after receiving payment half way through construction, leaving the shell of the abandoned three-storey structure overlooking Koeberg Road. Late in the first quarter of 2010, and before the start of Cape Town’s hosting of the FIFA Soccor World Cup, construction was resumed by Grinaker-LTA.

Elements of the contract included job creation, training, and participation goals that provided for a certain percentage of the contract works to be carried out by targeted enterprises, such as SMMEs, black-owned businesses, firms owned by women, local enterprises and previously disadvantaged individuals.

The face brick police station on Koeberg Road is easliy recognised with it’s paving, palisade and wire mesh fencing and gates.

Address: 118 Koeberg Rd, Marconi Beam, Milnerton, Cape Town, 7441
Phone: 021 528 3800
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