May 16 2017

Milnerton Turf Club

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Following a meeting of the Stewards of the South African Turf Club early in 1906 where it was agreed “to enter into an agreement with the Company to provide racing at Milnerton”, the Milnerton Estates engineer was instructed “to put up a rough structure to give a better view of the whole ground, also to have a man on horseback in attendance so that he could ride round the proposed course, which would prove that a Race would be in full view of the Grandstand all round the course”.

Sporting rivalry and the Great Depression economic slump were responsible for the slow progress during 1906 of the development of the Milnerton Race Course. A group of sportsmen including John William Stuckeris (Willie) Langerman, father of Dr. R. M. Langerman (who became one of the original stewards) decided to start at their own account the Milnerton Turf Club.

By February 13, 1907, “a Racing Licence had been granted to the Milnerton Turf Club by the Jockey Club of Johannesburg”.

The first meeting on the new, but not yet completed, Milnerton Race Course took place on May 28, 1908.


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