Coastal Sand Dune Guardens

May 16 2019

Coastal Sand Dune Gardens

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Woodbridge Island is built on the coastal sand dune. This means that our gardens need to be both sand-wise and water-wise.

Woodbridge Island Gardens

From Woodbridge Island General Circular of 18 February 2019

The gardens of Woodbridge Island play an important ecological role for our local coastal fauna which is why the effort was put into preserving our coastal habitat by the Trustees of our Body Corporate.

Landscaping a stone throw away from the beach means dealing with the salty ocean breeze, brackish waters from estuaries, high wind velocity from the ocean breeze, migrating sand dunes, saline soils, and poor soil quality, amongst others.

The well-established trees and shrubs of Woodbridge Island show that plants can thrive in this environment. The Coast silver oak (Brachylaena discolour), Conebush (Leucadendron levisanus), Confetti bush (Coleonema calycinum), Dronkbessie (Passerina ericoides), Ericas species, Pincushions (Leucospermum spp.), and Protea species are all trees or shrubs that are able to survive a Cape Town coastal environment.

Well established treesWe have had to add a lot of compost, and need to do so every time we plant something.

Neighbouring suburbs of Blouberg and Melkbos Strand are also built on coastal sand dunes and need similar consideration when landscaping their gardens.

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