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Apr 25 2018

Gardens of Woodbridge Island

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Living in a sectional title scheme such as Woodbridge Island one is aware of the advantages like good security and freedom from building and garden maintenance.

All gardens are common property, with the exclusion of your exclusive walled garden. The design, plants selected and general landscaping of the common areas is determined by the Body Corporate. ‘The Sectional Titles Act places the responsibility for the maintenance of the common property squarely on the body corporate. This responsibility is both operational and financial. The body corporate must arrange for the maintenance to be done and must pay for it.’ – Paddocks Press

Anyone walking or driving through our Island will notice that this responsibility is taken very seriously by the Body Corporate. The pond, fountain, swimming pool area, verges and common areas are always in good order.

Even the grass cutting is done in strict rotation, so those that wish to avoid the noise and bother know when and what day to be absent from their home; getting home to neat well attended verge to their island home.

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