Feb 19 2018

Saving Water On Woodbridge Island

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On Woodbridge Island conservation of water has come under scrutiny, with the body corporate being mindful of our communities water consumption.

Capetonians have fast become “water warriors” at home and at the place of work. The reality of water scarcity has challenged us with keeping usage down to under 50 liters of water a day.

Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available fresh water resources to meet water demand. It affects every continent and was listed in 2015 by the World Economic Forum as the largest global risk in terms of potential impact over the next decade. (Wikipedia)

water use 50 litreWith 1 less shower per week and 1 less toilet flush per day usage would be reduced by 430 ℓ per person per month. Are you in the green?

Here is a list of useful water saving tips to consider:
1. Use baby wipes.
3. Use dry shampoo or baby powder to prolong the time between washes.
4. Buy Wee Pong (a flush alternative).
5. Make a solution of vinegar and water or Staysoft and water to spray clothes and hang up to air.
6. Catch rain water
7. Add Milton to non-potable water to wash veg.
8. Use non-perishables
9. Use Hand sanitizer (and hand cream)
10. Use Bicarb and vinegar, for amazing cleaning supplies that don’t destroy water for grey use
11. Have a sponge bath with a small bucket and sponge.
12. Use wet wipes to wash your self.
13. If using toilet for just peeing, throw toilet paper away and not in toilet (in a separate lined bin that’s cleaned daily). This will cut down on backing up of toilet paper in the toilet allowing you to extend time between flushes with grey water.
14. Baking soda can control toilet paper odours if throwing toilet paper away.
15. Fill toilet cistern with grey water rather than pour into toilet. Use vinegar in the toilet and drains to help with any odours and bacteria.
16. Eat straight from the braai! No pots or pans to wash.
17. Line plates with plastic so you can peel off plastic and have clean plates.
18. Use apple cider vinegar to naturally deodorize your armpits and go without showering.
19. Wear breathable fabrics like cotton to avoid odours developing from sweat and bacteria.
20. If you do have to wash plates, pans, cutlery, etc, first wipe mess and dirt off with paper towel, to make water less dirty.
21. Instead of pouring water into sink, pour into plastic tub, can reuse dirty water in toilet.
22. Clean counters with disposable wipes.
23. Vinegar can also be used for wiping and cleaning, with paper towels, without having to rinse down counters.
24. Do as much meal prep as possible in one go and freeze extra portions – minimises washing up of pans etc.
25. ….. Do you have more water saving tips?

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