Dog friendly Woodbridge Island

Mar 24 2018

Pet Friendy Woodbridge Island

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Matters of contention in sectional tile schemes often arise around people, parking, and pets.
With plenty of parking and a pet friendly policy, the gated community of Woodbridge Island circumvents much of this.

A cross-national study involving Perth in Australia, and three US cities has lent weight to the observation that pets help build social capital the effect of pets extends beyond the joy and companionship of their owners and can help strengthen the social fabric of local neighbourhoods.

Dog friendly Woodbridge Island

Dog friendly Woodbridge Island

Social capital being the concept that captures trust between people (including those we don’t know personally), networks of social support, the exchange of favours with neighbours and civic engagement.

One finding was that dog owners were five times more likely to have got to know people in their neighbourhood.

Once somebody has permission to keep a pet, they must understand their reciprocal obligation. The trustees can withdraw the permission to keep a pet should any condition be breached.

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