Apr 25 2018

Schools of Milnerton

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First mentions of schools in Milnerton are of a Public School in 1911 under the principalship of Miss Baker, who held classes in the ‘old boathouse’.

It wasn’t until as late as 1953 the School Board hired the Milnerton Hall “for educational purposes, until the completion of the school building in Zastron Road”.

Milnerton Pimary School is an English-medium co-educational school catering for grades 1 to 7; with the motto ‘Fides El Veritas’ – truthfulness and faithfulness.

Following the establishment of the turf club, was the setting up of Milnerton High School with the first tenders were called in 1958. It was founded in 1959, and the building itself being completed and formally opened by Mr. D. J. Liebenberg, Cape Director of Education, on October 24, 1960.

The school grounds were originally much larger than the present, and in 1964 the Mayors office recommended “the whole of the present playing fields area. . . excluding that portion required for addition to the High School, be set aside for Civic Centre purposes”.

Today Milnerton High School is a thriving English medium co-educational secondary school (grades 8 to 12) with the motto ‘Lux Esto’ – let there be light.

Milnerton’s Rugby First Team and Old Boys Teams compete in provincial tournaments. The Milnerton Old Boys Association enters teams into international rugby tournaments, and was invited to compete in the 2010 Malaysian Rugby Tens Tournament.

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