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  • Oct 17 2018

    Eat Out At Mikes Kitchen

    Mike’s Kitchen in Milnerton is one of the restaurants of the trusted “go-to” chain of the long running franchise with a family-friendly vibe and a classic, meaty South African menu. This is a fun filled family restaurant that caters for kiddies parties, corporate functions, business lunches and year end functions from its big menu of choice burgers, steaks,…

  • Milnerton_High_School

    Apr 25 2018

    Schools of Milnerton

    First mentions of schools in Milnerton are of a Public School in 1911 under the principalship of Miss Baker, who held classes in the ‘old boathouse’. It wasn’t until as late as 1953 the School Board hired the Milnerton Hall “for educational purposes, until the completion of the school building in Zastron Road”. Milnerton Pimary…

  • Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club

    Apr 05 2018

    Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club

    Sitting proudly between the two ramps that lead onto the beach, the Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club and her lifeguards have been keeping swimmers safe for over 50 years. On any given Sunday the club, a non-profit volunteer based organisation committed to the prevention of drowning and injury at Milnerton Beach and the wider area, opens…

  • Milnerton Aquatic Club

    Feb 19 2018

    Milnerton Aquatic Club

    The Rievlei is popular for water sports including water skiing, sailing and windsurfing. It is also home to around 600 members of the Milnerton Aquatic Club, (aka MAC). The club is situated in the Rietvlei Nature Reserve. The ideal location, wind and water conditions of the club make it a popular destination for overseas water…

  • Dog Training Milnerton Banner

    Dec 13 2017

    Guidelines For Training Your Dogs

    It doesn’t take much to make a big difference in your dogs behavior, but most people don’t know where or how to begin. Even worse, most people change their lifestyle to accommodate their dog’s unwanted behaviors. Animals are there to support us in this lifetime and it has been proven scientifically that animals and especially our furry…

  • Nov 23 2017

    Milnerton Players

    Built in 1989 for Milnerton Player’s Dramatic Society, the Milnerton Playhouse is a small intimate theatre situated behind the library complex in Pienaar Road, Milnerton. It took ten years of lobbying the (then) Milnerton council for the venu to be built. It was initially a bare shell with the most basic of necessities. Every item…

  • Wooden Bridge Milnerton

    Oct 12 2017

    The Wooden Bridge

    The old Wooden Bridge spanning between Marine Drive and Woodbridge Island, crossing the Diep River estuary, is the only one of its kind in South Africa. Connecting Woodbridge Island to the Milnerton mainland it is a declared Provincial Heritage Site and was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 17 July 1987. The…

  • Milnerton Golf Course Sunset

    Sep 22 2017

    Milnerton Golf Course

    Milnerton Golf Club evolved from a 6-hole course at its inception in 1913 into the links type world class championship 18-hole par 72 seaside course that it is today, bordered by Milnerton Beach on the West side and Rietvlei lagoon to the East. The course underwent a major change and renovation in 1995 with the…

  • Greater Flamingo Woodbridge Island

    Jul 20 2017

    Greater Flamingos

    Greater Flamingos return to the wetlands in the inner city of Cape Town towards the end of the Cape winter, where they are often seen squaring off against each other, including in the  Milnerton Lagoon, Woodbridge Island. Cape Town is recognized globally for its extraordinarily rich, diverse and unique fauna and flora. Nowhere else in the…

  • Hot for House-Price Returns

    Jul 20 2017

    Hot for House-Price Returns

    Home buyers and property investors may want to check out Blouberg‚ Milnerton and Melkbos which are currently “hot” for house-price returns; as deeds data research shows, these Cape Town areas are showing good growth. John Loos‚ the FNB Bank household and property sector strategist‚ noted: “The evidence of mounting Cape Town affordability challenges continues to…

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