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  • Milnerton_High_School

    Apr 25 2018

    Schools of Milnerton

    First mentions of schools in Milnerton are of a Public School in 1911 under the principalship of Miss Baker, who held classes in the ‘old boathouse’. It wasn’t until as late as 1953 the School Board hired the Milnerton Hall “for educational purposes, until the completion of the school building in Zastron Road”. Milnerton Pimary…

  • Mar 11 2017

    A School With No Name

    An informal school operating from prefabricated classrooms on Freedom Way, Joe Slovo Park, was started early this year; taking in about 260 learners who could not be placed in the two schools in Joe Slovo Park in Milnerton. A community leader who helped start the school, Luthando Lekevana, confirmed that the main aim was to…

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