Wooden Bridge Milnerton

Oct 12 2017

The Wooden Bridge

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The old Wooden Bridge spanning between Marine Drive and Woodbridge Island, crossing the Diep River estuary, is the only one of its kind in South Africa. Connecting Woodbridge Island to the Milnerton mainland it is a declared Provincial Heritage Site and was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 17 July 1987.

Wooden Bridge MilnertonThe bridge was built with Jarra wood in 1901 by the Royal Engineers for the purpose of providing an entrance to a cannon trench. Since its erection it remained in constant use until the 1980’s; when in 1984 a second bridge was constructed and which currently provides the mainland with vehicular access to Woodbridge Island, the ocean and the Milnerton Lighthouse.

Proposed Wooden Bridge Milnerton

Proposed New Wooden Bridge Milnerton

Currently in a dilapidated condition and closed to the public, restoration of the bridge is required so that it can be restored and once again be used. The City of Cape Town is endeavouring to undertake a restoration process for the bridge. The intention is to refurbish and reconstruct the bridge, as a pedestrian bridge, ensuring that it becomes integrated with its surroundings, allowing for optimal public use.

A public meeting was held in the Milnerton Library on 14 June 2016 to provide information on the bridge restoration.

For more information contact:
The Environmental Partnership
Tel: 021 422 0999

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